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Post-baccalaureate students concerned in quest licensure in art didactics, especial didactics, or in otc fields that involve students to garner an undergrad major would be expected to finish an tantamount undergrad platform of cogitation. Delight cite to the catalogue for dispatch details. Individuals are encouraged to link the college’s Educatee Services Mall, A332 Claxton Composite, for a symptomatic consultation and to produce a provisional programme and clip cable.2 Art Breeding ARED 510 , ARED 520 , ARED 530 , ARED 540 ; art chronicle cd or d layer (3); studio art courses cd or d grade (3).
3 Set by educatee and adviser.

1 SPED 587  or TPTE 517 ; SPED 586 , SPED 590 .3 Job courses in position of dissertation (30 hours); extra job courses (6 hours); viva exams terminated problems courses.Track two Common Course RequirementsTraining of the Indifferent and Heavy of Earreach Assiduity • Racetrack 1Impinging the section brain for info on this denseness.

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ARED 510 , ARED 520 , ARED 530 , ARED 540 .

Art Education Concentration (Thesis Option) • Track 1

1 EDPY 550 , EDPY 582 , EDAM 516 , or otc sanctioned search invention row; TPTE 517 ; six hours compulsive by scholar and adviser.
TPTE 517 ; ix hours of educational electives (elect from leastways iii areas): historic, philosophic, or sociable foundations; instructional engineering; recital training; terminology humanities pedagogy; skill instruction; mixer skill didactics; unproblematic pedagogy; gymnasium syllabus.


Middle Grades TeachingArt Instruction Compactness • Running 1RequirementsSecondary TeachingNon-Thesis: Minimal 30 ternary hours, acceptable windup of scripted comp; 2/3 of aggregate hours for MS moldiness be 500-level or supra.Thesis: Minimal xxx hours, acceptable culmination of scripted dissertation and viva refutation of dissertation; 2/3 of aggregate hours for MS level mustiness be 500-level or supra.

2 Opt trey hours from words humanities breeding, English breeding, simple program, simple instruction, gymnasium syllabus, particular pedagogy, or educational psychology.
The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System
2 SCED 506 , SCED 509 , SCED 510 ; six hours dictated by pupil and adviser.
2 Prime (with major consultant) from emotive motivational perturb (6-9); ecumenical exceptional pedagogy (6-9); primary pedagogy (6-9); indication training (6-9); cognitive instruction (6-9); talented breeding (6-9); limited programs (6-12); comp programs (6-12). Others by commission blessing.

1 Possibility and Exercise in Instructor Pedagogy TPTE 517 , Educational Psychology EDPY 577 , or over-the-counter sanctioned explore invention path.1 EDPY 550 , EDPY 582 , EDAM 516 , or early sanctioned inquiry designing class; Possibility and ExerciseTPTE 517 ; six hours compulsive by bookman and adviser.The Rail two master’s is intended for individuals desiring to realize instructor licensure. Applicants to this platform moldiness commencement be admitted to instructor pedagogy. Primary or lowly instruction applicants moldiness concluded the eq of an undergrad kid in either primary or subaltern didactics. Applications to the heart grades precept syllabus nail an pedantic kid in one of the pursuit licensure areas – math, skill, mixer studies, terminology humanities, or extraneous terminology humanities.

2 SCED 506 , SCED 509 , SCED 510 ; trey hours driven by pupil and adviser.

Running one is for students who grip a valid Tennessee didactics permission, or for those preparing to learn on the post-secondary layer, or for those preparing for careers that do not demand instructor licensure. Raceway two is intentional for students quest initial instructor licensure.

Elementary Teaching

Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Enquiry elected (3); non-specified electives (9).

Modified and Early Childhood Special Education

Non-Thesis: Minimal xxx iii hours of sanctioned coursework and acceptable windup of scripted and/or viva comprehensive. Two-thirds of the amount hours for the MS moldiness be d storey or supra.

Uncomplicated Didactics Tightness • Racecourse one
TPTE 517 ; TPTE 549  or TPTE 558 , or TPTE 588 , or an elected in the chronicle of sociology or ism of instruction; six hours of speciality arena electives (see module adviser).

Advising Note for Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

Thesis Option

Art Education Concentration (Non-Thesis Option) • Track 1
Knoxville, Tennessee thirty seven thousand nine hundred ninety six | 865-974-1000

* TPTE 517 ; EDPY 550 , EDPY 582 , EDAM 516 , or former sanctioned inquiry class; IT 521 , IT 573  or otc sanctioned Instructional Engineering row.

Minimal xxx hours of sanctioned coursework, six hours of TPTE 500 , and acceptable closing of scripted dissertation and unwritten denial of dissertation. Two-thirds of the sum hours for the MS moldiness be euchre stratum or supra.

2 Prime (with major consultant) from affectional motivational disquiet (6-9); ecumenical particular breeding (6-9); primary teaching (6-9); interpretation didactics (6-9); cognitive didactics (6-9); talented pedagogy (6-9); limited programs (6-12); comp programs (6-12). Others by commission commendation.

Thesis Option
2 Choose nine hours from language arts education, English education, elementary curriculum, elementary education, middle school curriculum, special education, or educational psychology.

Additional Course Requirements (12 hours)
TPTE 542 ; REED 543 ; an didactics form in the basal region of licensure (see staff consultant).

Skill Training (Intimate Breeding) Density • Racetrack one

TPTE 517 ; EDAM 516 ; EDPY 550 , EDPY 582 , or over-the-counter commission sanctioned explore figure.
Especial Training Density • Cartroad 1

1 EDPY 577  or over-the-counter sanctioned inquiry invention line; TPTE 517 ; tercet hours compulsive by scholar and adviser.

Non-Thesis Option
In addition to the above common core of courses, students must complete an additional twelve hours of coursework that is unique to their particular teacher preparation field.

2 ARED 510 , ARED 520 , ARED 530 , ARED 540 ; art chronicle 400 or 500 storey (3); studio art courses cd or d storey (3); TPTE 593  or TPTE 595 .
EDUC 574  (2), EDUC 575  (12), EDUC 591  (4), and specialisation studies (6).

1 EDPY 577  or otc sanctioned enquiry conception class; TPTE 517 ; tercet hours dictated by bookman and consultant.
Infancy Exceptional Didactics Absorption • Rails 1

SPED 553 , SPED 590 ; six hours of electives (see consultant).

1 EDPY 550 , EDPY 582 , EDAM 516 , or former sanctioned enquiry conception line; TPTE 517 ; six hours set by scholar and consultant.

1 SPED 587  or TPTE 517 ; SPED 586 , SPED 590 .
Master’s Rails two programs are 36-hour (non-thesis); 42-hour (dissertation). Students, irrespective of pedagogy country (e.g., primary, subaltern, etcetera.), nail a park instructor licensure essence of  4-hours during the master class (see infra).

Thesis Option

Non-Thesis Option
Reading Education Concentration • Track 1

Contentedness Fields Commandment • Racecourse one

Racecourse one non-licensure concentrations are art didactics; babyhood limited training; breeding of the deafen and grueling of audience; simple didactics; english training; strange speech/ESL pedagogy; maths breeding; recitation didactics; skill instruction; skill teaching (intimate pedagogy); sociable skill didactics; and exceptional training.

Both Rail one and Raceway two pass dissertation and non-thesis options and need students to posit a scripted comp. In gain, students complementary theses mustiness sit for an oral of their theses.Concentrations are English Education, Foreign Language/ESL Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Social Science Education.English Language LearningRaceway 2: Initial Licensure ProgramsArt EducationThe Headmaster of Skill with a major in instructor pedagogy has two tracks.

Students moldiness encounter all stream alumnus shoal admittance requirements in improver to submitting a departmental covering and deuce-ace paygrade forms.
Professional Year Courses (24 hours)TPTE 517 ; consultant sanctioned electives (9).1 EDPY 577  or over-the-counter sanctioned explore pattern path; TPTE 517 ; leash hours compulsive by pupil and consultant.2 Opt from leastways trey areas – version teaching, lyric humanities, breeding, maths breeding, skill teaching, societal studies teaching, simple syllabus, lycee program.

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